What are some of the best motivational books?

We all constantly seek motivation through various mediums including books, and I am seriously overwhelmed with the large amount of material available. Even if I dedicated the majority of everyday trying to read all of this material I doubt I would even stumble upon the good gems of material.

My goal with Attack the Week is to take the meat out of some of the best motivational books and strategies available and turn it into an easy to consume and easy to follow framework for being as productive as possible and also completing as many goals as possible.

If you have business goals, health goals, or just some goals to simply get motivated; my goal is to create a framework that is universal to everyone. With that said, I’d like to ask: What are the best motivational books available?

I know I can go to amazon and find the top motivational books, but I’m mostly looking to spark conversation and hear from you as to what works and what doesn’t. Lets kick this off using the comments below, tell me the good and the bad.